Welcome to South Coast


Welcome to South Coast

The southern coast, known as Savanne district, structures some of the country’s wildest and most attractive setting. It is filled with cliffs, protected sandy coves, mysterious falls, and old-style fishing villages. Apart from the shoreline, you can view never-ending sugar-cane fields and condensed forests that attire the hillsides in vibrant greens. Ages ago, it was not developed due to its rocky structure, but recently, the region is starving the developers.


Where to go?


One of the main fishing villages on the island, Mahebourg is built along the shore of the immense bay of Grand Port. Founded in 1804 by the French Governor Charles Decaen, Mahebourg witnessed the only Napoleonic naval victory over the English in 1810.

Pointe Canon

Pointe Canon in Mahebourg is an excellent place to photograph Lion Mountain and the Grand Port mountain range to the left of it. Ilôt Mouchoir Rouge with Ile aux Aigrettes to the right are also worthy of a place in the photo album. Pointe Canon is a popular concert venue and is known for its annual memorial ceremonies celebrating the abolition of slavery on the 1stof February.

National History Museum

A must-see is the fascinating National Naval and Historical Museum. Located at the entrance of the town, the Château de Robillard, a French colonial building from the eighteenth century, houses the National History Museum. Old maps, engravings, crockery, pirates’ swords and even fragments of shipwrecks, recount the rich maritime history of the island. The crown jewel of this fascinating museum is the bell recovered from the wreck of the St Géran.

Blue Bay

Pointe d’Esny, a white sandy beach lined with bungalows, leads to Blue Bay. This beach, surrounded by a semicircle of casuarinas is one of the nicest of the island with its fine sand, clear water, and lively corals, perfect for snorkeling.

Residence at Pointe d'Esny

                                         Residence at Pointe d’Esny

Blue Bay Marine Park

Blue Bay is an exceptionally preserved marine park. Corals and fishes are visible a few meters from shore. Among them, you have the parrot-fish, the trumpetfish, and baby barracudas. Have a better view and snorkeling experience with a glass bottom boat.

Le Souffleur

A really spectacular 30m geyser at high tide and on windy days.

La Roche Qui Pleure

At Gris-Gris, the profile of the poet Robert Edward Hart was carved by waves and the wind on the side of a promontory called “La Roche qui pleure” (the crying rock). Get close to the waves blowing up between the cliffs and breathe in the breeze that comes straight from Antarctica.

Gris-Gris Restaurants

The restaurants at Gris-Gris cliffs serve a range of fresh seafood, cooked the Mauritian way, and at very reasonable prices.

Rochester Falls

The Rochester Falls out of Souillac are worth a visit. The road passes through the sugar refinery of Terracine. Over time, curious carvings have appeared in the lava shaped by the waters and green crystals were formed in the soil.


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